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Under Attack by Bugs? Outsmarted by Rodents?

Kings Pest Control - New York CityYou know you need an exterminator (we prefer the term “pest control service”). Whether it’s for your home or your commercial space, Kings Pest Control stops your pest problem. We focus on eliminating mice, rats, cockroaches, flies and ant infestations.

We know that one of your biggest concerns (aside from the insects and rodents, of course) is the perception that your home, facility or business has a pest issue. That’s why we’re discrete. We don’t have the “exterminator look” and we won’t let your neighbors know you have a problem.

Unique Pest Control Solutions
Kings Pest Control understands the needs of all types of buildings – from your own home to every type of professional building. We become part of your team for your health care program, your facility management or building management. Our professionalism supports your pest control needs. We believe that pest control shouldn’t disrupt your operations or your schedule.

Right before you open your doors for lunch or dinner isn’t the time to treat your restaurant. We place pest control treatments out of your customers’ line of sight. In fact, we have even gone so far as to place rat traps inside faux planters at various facilities to be out of sight.Kings Pest Control - New York City

Pests We Treat
We specialize in mice, rats, flies, roaches and ants. We are a niche exterminating company excelling at eliminating these pests.

If you have pest issues with termites, bed bugs, pigeons or nuisance wildlife like raccoons, call us. We work with trusted colleagues who are highly specialized in these fields and can refer you at a moment’s notice.

King Pest Control has access to Board-certified entomologists for those unique problems that can arise. So if you have any questions about your situation don’t hesitate – just call us! Our owner is always available to help or answer questions.

KPCNY - Pest ControlHow Many Visits Will It Take?
Many exterminating companies treat every situation the same. At Kings Pest Control, we know there is no such thing as ‘cookie-cutter’ pest control. There is also no way someone can tell you the exact number of visits it will take to cure your problem. Every situation is different.

Kings Pest Control will tailor your program to your specific needs.

No Long-Term  Commitments
We’re interested in solving our customer problems and providing a cost-effective service to keep your environment clean. Many pest control businesses take a “spray and pray” approach. But because every pest problem is different, we don’t believe in long-term commitments. At Kings Pest Control, we only do what’s needed. We won’t over treat your space just to meet the terms of a contract.

We believe in solving pest problems at the source.
We don’t treat your problems on a surface level. Each case needs to be handled using the correct urban entomological procedure. It’s the only way to make sure your pest invasion doesn’t continue.

Step 1: Assessment
Pest problems need to be assessed before a true solution can be put in place. Some of the things we search for during our assessment are:

  • What species of pest are we dealing with? Identification is everything!
  • Where are the pests getting in?
  • Why are they staying?
  • What is keeping them there?
  • How extensive is your pest problem?

Step 2: Basic Treatment
We know you don’t like being overrun with pests. We immediately start a basic treatment program to begin controlling the situation.

Step 3: Program Modification
By properly identifying the species of pest involved, we either continue treatments as planned or modify them since each insect or rodent may react differently. Our goal is to achieve total control over your pest issue.

Step 4: Education
At Kings Pest Control, we know it’s important to keep your insect or rodent problems under control. Educating you about your issue is just one more way we help you understand the things you can do to eliminate the source. We’ll teach you, for example, why you have flies and how to keep mice out of your warehouse.

Why Call Kings Pest Control?

  • Trust – you won’t need to worry about who might be in your facility or your home when you’re not there.
  • A professional attitude – we’ve been trained and passed certification exams. We respect our customers’ time.
  • Availability – we will do our best to work around your schedule.
  • Personalized service that will solve your pest problem.
  • Treating your pest problems is a true challenge for us!

How often do you do business with someone who knows your facility as if it were their own? Who knows the history of your problem? You’ll get the same pest control technician for every visit.

Our reputation precedes us – we go the extra mile for our customers, practicing proven solutions that work in tough spots or highly visible customer areas.

Kings Pest Control is a fully-insured and licensed pest control company serving the New York City area. We are just a phone call away and we’ll be on time. We’ll usually give you an arrival window of less than one hour – we’re reliable and we’ll be there when we say we will.

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